Five years have passed since six dudes with a lust for Chicago house and electro founded what has become one of the keystone labels for dancefloors across the globe. Founded by production magnates Booka Shade, DJ T, M.A.N.D.Y., and Chelonis R. Jones, Get Physical has poured out nearly 80 releases that encompass all things bouncing, funky, and consistently banging.

Though the label’s first few years were fast-paced, borderline club anthems, Booka Shade set Get Physical’s new standard with 2004’s Memento– an intricate collage of electronic sounds that move from electro-pop ambiance to classic electronica (yes, that word is horrible, but applicable) to the funked-out sounds often associated with the duo’s production contemporaries.

Since then, the label has released a slew of dancefloor gems from artists like Fuckpony, Elektrochemie, and Lopazz–, all of which have gained momentum in both tech-house and oddball-disco circles from New York to Berlin, not to mention the label’s Body Language series, which has gained fierce momentum with near-legends like Jesse Rose, DJ Dixon, and label-staple DJ T contributing their own conceptual compilations.

How does such an integral label celebrate its fifth birthday? Kick out a two-disc collection of incredible remixes and exclusive tracks, of course. 5 Years Get Physical features a remix disc of artists like Fujiya & Miyagi, Moby, Herbert, The Rapture, and Senior Coconut taking on the already crucial club hits from the GP vault. Another disc contains new and unreleased heat from in-housers Williams, Jona, Booka Shade, and M.A.N.D.Y. The spirit of house innovation is alive and well.

5 Years Get Physical is out summer 2007 on Get Physical.


CD1: The Remixes
01. Chelonis R. Jones “I Don’t Know (Herbert Remix)”
02. M.A.N.D.Y. “No Stoppin’ (Hot Chip Remix)”
03. Booka Shade “Night Falls (Larry Gold String Version)”
04. DJ T “Free Mind (Dexter Remix)”
05. Booka Shade “Vertigo (Henrik Schwarz Remix)”
06. Lopazz “Migracion (Fujiya & Miyagi Remix)”
07. Williams “Piccadilly Circuits (Rapture Remix)”
08. Jona “Learning From Making Mistakes (Sideshow Remix)”
09. M.A.N.D.Y vs. Booka Shade “Body Language (Senior Coconut Remix)”
10. Chelonis R. Jones “I Don’t Know (Lopazz Remix)”
11. Elektrochemie “Pleasure Seeker (Earl Zinger Remix)”
12. Booka Shade “Mandarine Girl (Fakesh Remix)”
13. Djuma Soundsystem “Les Djinns (Moby Remix)”

CD2: The Exclusives
01. Jona “Fisherman “
02. Audiofly X “Don’t Panic Till I Said So”
03. DJ T “Once In A Lifetime”
04. Riton vs. Heidi “To the Gum”
05. Booka Shade “Unhealthy Pleasures”
06. M.A.N.D.Y. vs. Booka Shade feat. Laurie Anderson “Oh Superman”
07. Einzelkind “As Long As You want Me To”
08. Elektrochemie “Caiti”
09. Williams “Illegal Ninja Moves”
10. Chelonis R. Jones “Dirty Lipstick”
11. Lopazz “The Fact”