Chicago’s South Side DJ/production crew Ghetto Division has a bit of news following the recent City Guidepodcast they hooked us up with. Firstly, Ghetto Division has spawned its own label, appropriately titled Ghetto Division Records, for the releasing of music from the collective’s various members and the group as a whole. The label’s first release will be a nine-song LP, also called Ghetto Division, that features one track from each of the crew’s producers, and will be released May 25. Following soon after are a couple of EPs from Maddjazz and D-51. Check out the artwork and tracklist for Ghetto Division below.

Charlie Glitch – “B Horn E”
D-51 – “Mi Trompeta”
Lorenzo Vektor – “Que Bonito”
Louie Cue – “The Feedback”
M-dok – “Busta”
MaddJazz – “Feel The Vibe”
Moonman – “Friendly Fire”
Rampage – “Let’s Go”
Rob Threezy – La Chalupa”