Ghislain Poirier, Andre Allen Anjos (Remix Artist Collective), Human beat-boxer Scratch (The Roots), and Aaron LaCrate are the chosen ones to remix South African-born producer Yoav‘s track, “Club Thing,” off the recently released Charmed & Strange.

The wide variety of remix styles here–from Poirier’s bumping leftfield beats to LaCrate’s Bmore-style interpretation–are fitting for the digital release, whose original version is as influenced by the club as it is by Crowded House and Portishead. Listen to the tracks here, and watch the video for the original “Club Thing.”

1. “Club Thing” (Album Version)
2. “Club Thing” (RAC Remix)
3. “Club Thing” (Ghislain Poirier Remix)
4. “Club Thing” (Scratch Remix)
5. “Club Thing” (Aaron LaCrate’s Gutter Mix)
6. “Club Thing” (Acappella)

Photo by Emilie Elizabeth.