Montreal’s Ghislain Poirier earned the title “king of bounce” from his numerous bass-heavy remixes for everyone from Lady Sovereign to The Editors, and this, along with his uncanny ability to deconstruct hip-hop, has put him on the map as a diverse and able producer to watch.

Poirier recently graced Mary Anne Hobbs’ radio show on BBC Radio 1, with an African hip-hop mix full of heavy bangers and dirty beats that call up comparisons to grime and crunk. Never mind if you missed the show. Poirier’s made sure you can download the mix, then get bouncin’.

Grimey Land Tracklisting
1. Smockey “Intro”
2. X Plastaz “Hiyo”
3. Dakar All-Stars “Cafka Mbed Part 2”
4. Positive Black Soul “Xoyma (Version Wolof)”
5. Awadi “Sunu Société (Ghislain Poirier Edit)”
6. Teba “FCK (Raw Mix)”
7. Purple Simba & Shyam + Ben Sharpa & Terror MC “Eyes to the Sky”