Paramount Pictures and Kobalt have announced details of the forthcoming Music Inspired By The Motion Picture Ghost In The Shellrelease.

A remake of the mid-90s anime hit by the same name (which casts Scarlett Johansson in the lead roll), Ghost In The Shell is set to be one of the summer’s biggest blockbusters. The team behind it have now released details of Music Inspired By The Motion Picture Ghost In The Shell. Gary Numan contributes, as well as Tricky, IO Echo, and Steve Aoki, who remixes Kenji Kawai. Nils Frahm teams up with DJ Shadow, while Johnny Jewel contributes three cuts, amongst others.

The original Ghost In The Shell: PlayStation Soundtrack is a cult classic in electronic music circles, featuring music by Joey Beltram, Derrick May and Claude Young.

Music Inspired By The Motion Picture Ghost In The Shell will be released March 31. Pre-order it here.


01. Kenji Kawai “Utai IV Reawakening” (Steve Aoki Remix)
02. Johnny Jewel “The Hacker”
03. Boys Noize “Cathryn’s Peak”
04. DJ Shadow “Scars” (feat. Nils Frahm)
05. Above & Beyond “Surge”
06. IO Echo “Aokigahara Forest”
07. Tricky “Escape”
08. Ki:Theory “Enjoy The Silence”
09. Johnny Jewel “Free Fall”
10. Gary Numan “Bed of Thorns”
11. Johnny Jewel “The Key”
12. Kenji Kawai “Utai IV Reawakening”