Ghostly will release a new compilation LP on Friday, titled Thousands of Eyes in the Dark.

Thousands of Eyes in the Dark aims to celebrate “international talent with an outward gaze,” and follows in the tradition of the label’s previous “SMM” releases, namely 2011’s SMM: Context and 2013’s SMM:Opiate. Launched discreetly in 2003, the undefined acronym is designated for “calm, slow-moving music that straddles the synthetic/organic divide in surprising ways,” according to the label. The letters have also emphasized releases ranging from harpist Mary Lattimore to synthesist Steve Hauschildt.

The compilation features 10 original works of “contemporary melodic and incidental electronics” sequenced as one continuous suite.

Submissions stretch beyond Ghostly’s roster and roots. There’s material from Suzanne Kraft, operating as SK U Kno, Grand River, Yosi Horikawa, Emily A. Sprague, Tadd Mullinix, Canadian composer Sarah Davachi, Vancouver’s Dylan Khotin-Foote, and Manchester duo Space Afrika, known for their vast, disintegrating urban dub-scapes, among others.

Album artwork is by Michael Cina.


01. SK U Kno “Cut and Faze”
02. Emily A. Sprague “Mesa”
03. Grand River “This Was Us”
04. Tadd Mullinix “Woman in the Dunes”
05. Sarah Davachi “Sybil”
06. Orcas “Rills”
07. Khotin “Angel Epicenter”
08. Saariselka “Shepherd Canyon”
09. Space Afrika “Canu”
10. Yosi Horikawa “Thalfang”

Thousands of Eyes in the Dark is out digitally on October 18, with physical following on November 15. Meanwhile, you can stream Emily A. Sprague’s “Mesa” below, and pre-order here.