Lorenz Brunner has unveiled Dwell, his first full-length as Recondite on Ghostly in five years.

Dwell sees Recondite return to the tonal template of 2013’s Hinterland, his last album on Ghostly, after which he began touring around the world and releasing music with labels such as Hotflush, Innervisions, and his own Plangent Records. The flip-side of this success was “a shadow of pressure that widened over time,” he explains, and now, after careful consideration, Brunner rejects the notion that artists must creatively pivot elsewhere with each new project, opting instead to use the icy Hinterland as an aesthetic for a “like-minded map of evocative compositions.”

As with Hinterland, Brunner incorporates a subtle range of field recordings to intensify the textural atmosphere. While he worked at home on “Mirror Games,” Brunner noticed the buzz coming from across the room, where his wife was using an electric toothbrush, naturally harmonized with the track. He decided to push that frequency further and record the device directly, syncing vibrations for added urgency across the propulsive piece as well as parts of the ambient “Interlude 2.”

Windswept, moody, and melodic, we’re told that moments on Dwell linger with emotional resonance, all built around mirage-like pads and clipped drum programming.

Dwell is not a return to form, it is a further study of the shapes, the modes, and the structures Brunner has trademarked,” the label adds.


01. Dwell
02. Nobilia
03. Black Letter
04. Interlude 1
05. Mirror Games
06. Cure
07. Interlude 2
08. Surface
09. Moon Pearl
10. Wire Threat
11. Equal (Bonus Track)

Dwell lands January 24 via Ghostly International, with pre-order here. Meanwhile, you can stream “Cure” below.