Brijean, the Oakland-based duo of Brijean Murphy and Doug Stuart, have signed to Ghostly International.

Murphy, an accomplished DJ, session, and live player in Oakland’s diverse music scene has emerged as one of indie’s most in-demand percussionists. In 2018, she began recording songs with multi-instrumentalist and producer Stuart, who grew up outside Chicago and shares a background in jazz and pop in bands.

Eventually dubbed Brijean, the project grew out of marathon sessions at their intimate home-studio. Their first effort, Walkie Talkie, released by Native Cat Recordings in 2019, found Murphy taking the mic for the first time to deliver dreamy dance tracks that felt home-cooked and effortlessly chic.

Ghostly International has re-released Walkie Talkie alongside Moody, which is the first taste of forthcoming material. The easy-grooving cut is said to “capture Brijean’s signature sound in just over two minutes,” with its the dazzling, golden-hued haze of percussive beats and honeyed vocals.

Stuart describes the track as a “quick gentle trip” that started in a living room, recording with Murphy’s drum mentor Pepe Jacobo, with windows open and stream-of-consciousness lyrics flowing.


01. Moody

Moody is available digitally now, with a full stream below, ahead of new music coming soon. Walking Talkie is available here.