Photo by Kyle McKenzie; collage by Anton Reva.

Ghostly has shared a new single from Quickly, Quickly, the project of Portland, Oregon-based multi-instrumentalist Graham Jonson.

Jonson started building his musical universe by playing piano as a toddler, finding the music of J Dilla in fifth grade, and self-releasing singles by age 16. He first appeared as Quickly, Quickly in 2017, exhibiting a smooth, hypnotic sound that fuses elements of jazz, hip-hop, and R&B. Reference points range from the Stones Throw catalog to Bobby Hutcherson’s cosmic freeform to Lô Borges’ Brazilian bops. We’re told that his signing to Ghostly marks a “new era” for the project by re-introducing Jonson as a fully-fledged songwriter playing everything from drums to keys and guitar, and of course electronics.

Available now, “Feel” is a “proper point of entry” to Quickly, Quickly’s vibrant new sound, we’re told. Jonson layers bass, piano, and synth atop a bossa nova drum break. The subject of the shuffling psych-pop song is identifying with a character in a film who’s stuck in a rut, and as the kaleidoscopic groove unfolds the character gradually unlocks. The film and the suspended reality merge with the realization that the life this character watches is their own. It serves as a pre-cursor to an album.


01. Feel

Feel is available now on Ghostly. You can order it here and stream it in full via the player below.