Gigi Masin and jazz pianist Greg Foat have collaborated on a new album for Strut Records.

Utilizing an electric piano, sounds Masin’s digital library, grand piano, vibraphone, and lots of vintage synthesizers, on Dolphin Masin’s melancholy melodies meet Foat’s laid back, slo-mo grooves, “which pour out like honey,” we’re told. The record features Moses Boyd on drums and Tom Herbert on bass.

What’s a surprise, we’re also told, is that Masin, who for decades has been synonymous with sun-drenched electronica, has proper jazz chops.

“Through my record collection, which is full of jazz, to my friendship with Kenny Wheeler and chats with Paula Bley, I would say I’m definitely a jazz man of sorts,” Masin says. “I love many genres and have a desire to explore my musicality; a desire to create melodies, moods, and atmospheres flows from me, spilling right over genre lines.”

All right tracks were initially sketched out by Masin and then embellished by Foat’s trio. The record is predominantly a group effort, but due to Foat’s sensitive handling, certain points were left “largely unadorned, letting Masin’s essence take centre stage.”

“The live music played by myself, Moses, and Tom on real instruments, blended organically with the digitally created music by Gigi,” says Foat. “To me there’s no overarching theme to the album, other than I love Gigi’s music and wanted us to record together!”

The oil painting featured on the album cover, which is also called Dolphin, is by Foat’s cousin and provided a broad inspiration for the feel of the record.

You can read more about Gigi Masin in his XLR8R podcast, a mixture of jazz, pop, and ambient, here.


01. Lee
02. London Nights
03. Love Theme
04. Dolphin
05. Sabena
06. Leo Theo
07. Viento Cálido
08. Your Move

Dolphin LP is scheduled for June 16 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Viento Cálido” in full below and pre-order here.