Supposedly, Gigolo Records boss DJ Hell took over a year to select the tracks on the label’s forthcoming Eleven compilation.

Titled so because it’s the 11th in Gigolo’s ongoing series of unmixed comps, the double-disc is, according to the Gigolo website, “a celebration of the label’s avant-garde and legendary roster,” compiled for “fans and fanatics of the Mega-church of Gigolo.” and features tracks from Lopazz, Peter Kruder, Acid Junkies, and Hell himself. There’s even an instrumental version of Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black” by Herman Schwartz. (via Resident Advisor)

Disco One
01 DJ Pierre – “I’ve Lost Control (WildPiTcHMix)”
02 Peter Kruder – “Visions Ltd”
03 I.B.M. – “Kill Bill (BMG Edit)”
04 Opiates – “Candy Coated Crime”
05 G.rizo – “Boys Medley featuring DJ Glow & Donovan”
06 Hell – “The Disaster (CD Eleven Edit)”
07 Joel Alter – “Snake Eyes”
08 The Model – “Newly Found Voids”
09 Motor – “Jacked Up”
10 Richard Bartz – “Voyager”
11 Acid Junkies – “Chica Sexy”
12 Captain Commodore – “Express”
13 Seelenluft – “You Can Dance”

Disc Two
01 Actor One – “Popcorn”
02 Marascia – “Leggy”
03 Fetische &Me – “Discotecktonic”
04 Snuff Crew – “DJ Into Space”
05 Herman Schwartz – “Back 2 Black”
06 Abe Duque – “Life Is Sooo Good To Me”
07 Lopazz – “What Should I Do? (feat. Deafny Moon)”
08 Bennie A – “X3”
09 Heib – “Jackpot”
10 Joe Le Bone – “Tanssiakos 07”
11 Phobia – “Phobia (Hells CD Eleven Edit)”

Pictured: DJ Hell. Photo by Daniel Mayer.