Greg Gillis, the non-stop touring machine known to his fans as Girl Talk, has finally taken a break from life on the road and is working on a follow-up to 2006’s Night Ripper. The tentatively titled Wild Peace IV: Feed the Animals, Raise the Dead is set for release late spring/early summer ’08, and will be available online through Illegal Art.

Don’t think controversy surrounding the sample-heavy Night Ripper has tamed his taste for borrowing from others. “This album is going to be dense with samples like my previous releases, but I’m trying to give some of the parts more room to breathe,” said Gillis. “The new material definitely has its share of quick cuts, but it’s less dependent on that style.”

Meanwhile, catch Gillis on the road for a few live shows this spring, in some random U.S. cities:

03/28 Athens, GA: Georgia Theatre
04/04 Morgantown, WV: 123 Pleasant St.
04/25 New Haven, CT: Toads Place
05/02 Richmond, VA: Toads Place/Richmond
05/09 Millvale, PA: Mr. Smalls Theatre
05/23 Chilicothe, IL: Summer Camp
08/08 Jersey City, NJ: All Points West Festival

Photo By Jarrod Curry.