Following Parisian artist Dehousy’s drum-heavy EP, Prjkts is set to release a collection of tracks from a mysterious producer named Glot. A key member of the Prjkts Crew, Glot’s selections as a DJ push the boundaries of club music, mixing grime, electro, and various bass persuasions seamlessly into a style of his own—his productions, too, are no different.

For his latest EP, Orichalcum Throne, this melding of styles and genres rings true; from the choppy grime of the title cut to the melodically rich “Hold” and the maximalist club workout that is “Deconstructed/Reconstructed,” Glot proves he is a producer and DJ we all should be keeping an eye on.

On remix duties, Nervous Horizon’s TSVI steps up with a percussion workout that will undoubtedly destroy dancefloors; whilst, on the flip, Evil Streets return to the Prjkts fold with a colorful and bouncing interpretation of “Hold.”

Ahead of the April 28 release, which can be pre-ordered here, you can stream TSVI’s remix via the player below.