Derwin Dicker (a.k.a Gold Panda) and Jas Shaw, one half of Simian Mobile Disco have joined forces as Selling. The duo’s debut album, On Reflection, is available digitally now and set for physical release on Dec 14 via City Slang

Having first met a decade ago, the two have prior history together: Shaw has mixed two Gold Panda records, including “Lucky Shiner.” In between, Gold Panda and SMD played shows together in the UK, US, and Japan. So further collaboration was a natural progression, but as Derwin notes, not an inevitable one: “We talked about ‘we should just get together and make some tunes someday.’ But you always say that with people and it never happens,” he notes.

The album ultimately grew from a series of sounds and ideas that were quickly recorded and then edited down to their purest form. It’s a record “that exists in spontaneity and quick, gut decisions rather than any sort of laboriously plotted selection of notes and sounds,” the label explains. It was made in Shaw’s studio,  a converted barn at his home in Kent.

Across its concise nine tracks and 42 minutes, On Reflection “showcases the duo’s full mastery of the genre,” we’re told, “moving seamlessly from undulating, driving washed-out techno to sweet, shimmering electronics.” 

“It’s the most immediate and natural record I’ve ever made,” concedes Derwin. “I never thought I would be a collaboration person, but I guess it’s finding the right person to make a record with.”

Derwin continues: “We didn’t make this for a label or something. Initially, it was just us mucking around. There was no plan to make an album. Originally I thought we were going to make a track here and there and stick them out on vinyl. But then, we had an album that sounded quite good and it was like, ‘well if we have an album’s worth of stuff, maybe we should just release it.’ It became a thing, I suppose.”

The decision to release the record immediately digitally was informed, in part, by the fact that Selling currently have no plans to tour or play live. Earlier this year, Shaw was diagnosed with AL amyloidosis, and is receiving chemotherapy treatment—which currently severely limits his ability to travel, and as a result of which Simian Mobile Disco had to cancel their touring for 2018. 


1. qprism

2. dicker’s dream

3. no reflection

4. mirror can only lie

5. phone call from the future

6. keeping txme

7. shimmer

8. moon in water

9. you can have it immediately

On Reflection is available digitally now and set for physical release on Dec 14 via City Slang, with “keeping txme” available to stream below.