Hamburg’s Golden Pudel will not be forced to shut.

After a saga that involved an ongoing legal battle between the club’s owners (Wolf Richter and Rocko Schamoni), the constant threat of forced auction, and an arson attack back in February, the Golden Pudel has today announced it will be able to resume business as usual.

A statement appeared on the club’s site earlier today: “The piece of this earth that is intertwined with us, namely St. Pauli Fischmarkt No. 27, has been snatched away from the burning claws of the forced auction that has been threatening us for a long while. Together with the Mara & Holger Cassens foundation, Wolf Richter’s shares in the property have been acquired. The property can now be used for public cultural benefit. Consequently, the Club is now protected from the adversities of the capital market and can once again and continiously be used for counter-cultural experiments and the developing of our social idea.
Happily, loudly, and forever!”

At this point it is unclear when the Golden Pudel will re-open its doors. More information to follow.