With their Caravan Girl digital EP out today on Mute, Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory (a.k.a. Goldfrapp) look to the road for a few North American show dates beginning with a performance at Radio City Music Hall on September 12.

Caravan Girl, named for the track off the group’s Seventh Tree release from earlier this year, features the original cut of the song, as well as a live choral version, an acoustic rendition of “Monster Live,” and a remix of “Little Bird” by Animal Collective.

In other release news, Goldfrapp will release an iTunes Original album on August 12, which was recorded live in New York and includes new versions of tracks that span the band’s entire discography. Commentary and anecdotes from the bandmembers complete the package.

Catch them on the road at one of these dates:

09/12 New York, NY: Radio City Music Hall
09/14 Toronto, ON: Danforth Music Hall
09/16 Vancouver, BC: Commodore Ballroom
09/17 Seattle, WA: Showbox SoDo
09/20 San Francisco, CA: Treasure Island Festival
09/21 Los Angeles, CA: Orpheum

Caravan Girl
01 Caravan Girl
02 Caravan Girl (Live Choral Version)
03 Monster Love (Live Acoustic Version)
04 Little Bird (Animal Collective Remix)

iTunes Originals
01 iTunes Original
02 “It Was the First Song Will and I Wrote Together”
03 Lovely Head
04 “It’s Quite An Unusual Song”
05 Paper Bag (iTunes Original Version)
06 “It Was Recorded Outdoors”
07 Deer Stop
08 “We Like the Slow-y’s”
09 Black Cherry
10 “I Never Get Tired of Doing It”
11 Strict Machine (iTunes Original Version)
12 “It’s Got a Certain Quality About It”
13 Forever
14 “It’s another one we really like playing live”
15 You Never Know (iTunes Original Version)
16 “I Think I Was Going out with a Guy at the time”
17 Satin Chic (LP)
18 “Keep telling people it’s a HillBilly Version”
19 Ooh La La (iTunes Original Version)
20 “It was a message to Me Really”
21 Eat Yourself (iTunes Original Version)
22 “Sentiment of the song is this idea of traveling”
23 Road to Somewhere (iTunes Original Version)
24 “I was inspired by a friend of mine who lives in Spain”
25 Little Bird (iTunes Original Version)