Goldie and Skepta have collaborated on a new track called “Upstart (Road Trip).”

The track is described by the Metalheadz as “a fierce, futuristic alchemy of tense horrorshow melodics, street-level rhymes, and bangin’ breaks.”

It’ll be the title track of a vinyl-only EP that also includes an instrumental version of the track and two versions of “Poisonous Darts,” a three-way collaboration between Goldie, Fraims, and DRS.


A1. Goldie & Skepta “Upstart (Road Trip)”
A2. Goldie & Skepta “Upstart (Road Trip)” (Instrumental)
B1. Goldie & Fraims Featuring DRS “Poisonous Darts”
B2. Goldie & Fraims Featuring DRS “Poisonous Darts” (Instrumental)

Upstart is scheduled for December release.