Well, this totally slipped by us in the midst of our holiday gorging and revelry. As part of Glasgow music/art/party hub LuckyMe‘s Christmas celebrations, a whole mess of excellent DJ/producers (12, to be exact) crafted original mixes for the label to offer for free stream/download on its website during the 12 Days of Christmas. Among the ranks are some of the UK’s finest party starters, including Untold, Roska, The Blessings, and Elijah & Skilliam, as well as a couple of American mixers like Brenmar (pictured above) and Salva. And seeing as how Brenmar’s mix contains gems from Nguzunguzu, Samo Soundboy, Young Joc, Sam Tiba, and the mixer himself, we get the impression these sets are tailor-made for the dancefloor. Had we caught wind of this earlier, we’re sure our holiday parties—and subsequent hangover days—would’ve been spent just a tad differently, or at least with a different soundtrack. Thankfully, these mixes are still up on LuckyMe’s website, here. We suggest you get into all 12 of them stat.