Ah, May… traditionally considered in northerly climates to be the gateway by which summer is accessed. The spring rains die down and are replaced by constant sunshine, beaches, BBQs, outdoor parties, and lazy days in the park. Err, actually none of that happens in San Francisco, so really we’re just going off imagination here. More realistically, it rains through May and into August, but that doesn’t really get us down, considering we mostly hang out indoors listening to music anyways. That being the case, the real event that marks the transition of May into June is the publication of this monthly retrospective list of our most downloaded MP3s. And, by all accounts, May was a pretty good month for tunes—we chilled out with Lucky Paul and Gang Colors, tapped our toes to the Nacho Lovers’ deep house remix of Jacques Greene, and recoiled in horror at Samiyam’s (pictured above) creepy baby photo. Come, join us! Peruse the list below, download, enjoy, and relive the magic of May’s most popular MP3s.

1. Samiyam “Cushion”
2. SBTRKT “Wildfire”
3. Tokimonsta “Moving Forward”
4. DZA “Eskimo (Montgomery Clunk Remix)”
5. Zomby “Things Fall Apart (feat. Panda Bear)”
6. Lucky Paul “Thought We Were Alone (Gang Colours Remix)”
7. Teki Latex and Para One “5th Dimension”
8. Nocow “Moonlight Flit”
9. Rhythm Baboon “Hunting Bushman”
10. Iuengliss “Physics”
11. Arthur Russell “This Is How We Walk On The Moon (Labyrinth Ear Remix)”
12. Jacques Greene “Lay It Down (Nacho Lovers Remix)”
13. Ñino “Buio Omega”
14. Solar Bears “Dream Valley (Young Montana Remix)”
15. Josh H “Rainbow”
16. High Powered Boys “Crash”
17. Blithe Field “Crushing”
18. Dawn Golden and Rosy Cross “Blacks (Shlohmo Remix)”
19. Diegors “Unga”
20. HxdB “Mustard (Cure Rerub)”
21. Boddhi Satva “Who Am I (feat. Athenai & C. Robert Walker) (c2 Version Mix)”
22. Distal “Android Tourism (LDFD Remix)”
23. Cupp Cave “Pear Pressure”
24. Essáy “Love & Air”
25. Boddika “Spray”