Seven of the world’s best graffiti artists usher in Adidas’ Spring line with the End to End Project, in which these champions of urban street art will work together painting a full-sized replica of a subway car from, uh, end to end. Think of it as a gigantic live painting endeavor, planted for public viewing at a busy New York intersection.

The artists–Siloette, Rime, Smart, Scien, Can2, Atom, and Skore–recently visited London and worked for three days in a gutted warehouse, developing an effective approach to the project. They’ll take the results of their brainstorming to the subway car on Tuesday, April 10, for a full-day painting extravaganza. Those not in New York will delight in knowing the project will also be available as a clothing line, sold exclusively at Foot Locker.

DJ Enuff, Iron Lyon, and Complex will provide music for the event, which takes place between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. on the Northwest corner of Houston and Lafayette streets in New York. Adidas’ spring line will also be on display.