Grand River has teamed up with Abul Mogard (pictured below) on a new album for Caterina Barbieri‘s light-year’s label.

On In uno spazio immenso, their first collaborative album, the pair “gaze longingly into the abyss, capturing atemporality, splendour, and tranquility with confident, impressionistic sonic strokes,” we’re told.

“Dynamic and poignant,” the record “balances on a knife-edge between booming, operatic grandeur and soft-focus simplicity, casting as much light on the subtle outlines and illusory rhythms as
it does its dense, almost overpowering textures.”

Grand River, the Berlin-based Dutch-Italian composer and sound designer born Aimée Portioli, has been evolving her unique musical language since she released Crescente on Donato Dozzy and Neel’s Spazio Disponibile imprint in 2017. You can read more about her in her XLR8R feature here.

Abul Mogard, meanwhile, is just one of veteran Italian producer Guido Zen’s many aliases, and over a series of albums for labels like Ecstatic, Houndstooth, and VCO, he’s blended post-industrial ambience and blissful shoegaze memories.


01. Dissolvi
02. Frantumi di luce
03. Altrove, lontano
04. Archi
05. Sulle barcane
06. Ricordando il giorno

In uno spazio immenso LP is scheduled for June 21 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Dissolvi” in full via the player below and pre-order here.