Grant will release a new EP next month via his own Grant label. 

Grant first appeared as a mysterious project on The Lauren Bacall, a label he started with Francis Harris as a way of producing anonymously using old Hollywood names. (Grant is named for Cary Grant.) After four years of releases, the mysterious producer and live act revealed his identity to be French producer Anthony Collins, formerly of the Brooklyn-based duo Frank & Tony. He’s released three albums, the latest, Perception, coming in 2017 on Duke’s Distribution, while he continues to self-release EPs of raw, swinging house cuts via his own Grant label. 006, the latest, comes in June, almost a year after 005, once again on vinyl only. 

We’re told that GRANT 006 encapsulates a broad range of sound, featuring classic New York-inspired house, tribal rhythms, and dreamy ambiances. The A2, a dub techno cut, is in collaboration with studio partner Dan Piu. 

Listen to Grant’s XLR8R podcast here, and read his Get Familiar interview here


A1. KC106

A2. Stellis feat. Dan Piu

B1. Rising

B2. Viewpoint

GRANT 006 comes in mid June, with clips below.