An interesting email appeared in our inbox today from young British up-and-comer Graphics, in which the producer explains that he has started his own record label, called LYWat Records, and is incrementally dropping a new EP as its first release. However, he put it much more colorfully than that. In Alfie MacGibbon’s own words, “If people ask for tracks on my Twitter, [Facebook], etc., I want to give them these tracks. What is the point in waiting about five months when some of these are tracks that I made two years ago, sampling people who I’ve got to go to a fucking lawyer to get cleared? It’s bullshit, and I’m sure a lot of you guys know it, as well.” Continuing to explain the the motives behind his label, he states, “LYWat Records is meant to be spontaneous and kinda do what you want, but it’s gonna be random.” We like the sound of it already, and we also like the sound of the first leak from Graphic’s new EP, “Dogs Yawn,” which you can stream and download below. Keep your eyes peeled for more freebies to come from MacGibbon and his new imprint soon.