Graze, the joint project of Adam Marshall and Christian Andersen (a.k.a. XI), will release a new 12″ via New Kanada next month. As we noted in last year’s Bubblin’ Up feature on the duo, Marshall’s solo productions have largely been based in stripped-down, drone-heavy techno; Anderson’s in sub-led garage. As Graze, however—a collaboration that only took up life after both producers relocated from Toronto to Berlin—the pair crafts “upfront dancefloor tracks” billed as chemistry experiments. A press release for the duo’s forthcoming single describes a-side cut “Coax” as the result of “extracting the liquid component of an early Toronto rave tape through supercritical drying,” allowing “the essence to be slowly extracted without causing the solid matrix in the samples to collapse from tape hiss,” while on the flip, the aggressive low-end of “Thundare” is purported to be capable of causing “a catastrophic breakdown in the atmospheric space” when played out at high volume.

“Coax” b/w “Thundare” (artwork below) follows the pair’s debut album and a series of 12″s released via Marshall’s own New Kanada imprint in the past two years, and is set to arrive on October 13.