Together as Graze, Adam Marshall and Christian Andersen (a.k.a. XI) have put together an exceptionally productive run. After landing with its excellent self-titled debut record (a six-track mini-LP of sorts) in May of last year, the pair went on to release its debut full-length, Edges, in December while also fitting a number of 12″s in before and after its release. Now, Graze has announced it will soon return to Marshall’s own New Kanada label with its sophomore LP, Soft Gamma Repeater.

The seven-track album is said to consist of “six dance-floor bombs and one bittersweet comedown track,” and is furthermore said to have been “conceived and written in one deeply focused chunk of time and effort.” “All seven tracks offer varying takes on a unifying set of ideas about electronic music, physical expression, and the mutable psyche,” the LP’s announcement explains further. “Ultimately, at its core, the suite breaks down to a series of dichotomies—sampling vs. synthesis, body vs. mind, past vs. future, etc.—that are taken not as shackles, but as stepping stones.”

Set to appear on November 17, no audio previews have surfaced for Soft Gamma Repeater, but in the meantime, the LP’s artwork and tracklist can be viewed below. In addition, Graze will also release a 12″ consisting of two non-album cuts early next month.

1. Circadia
2. Banding
3. Gneiss
4. Swarz
5. Uprizen
6. Antnna
7. Veil (Empty Mix)