Great Dane is back this year with Gamma Ray, a new full-length album, scheduled for July 20 release via his newly enacted label ADBC Records

The Los Angeles producer launched his debut album Alpha Dog in 2013, followed by Beta Cat in 2014, and the self-titled Great Dane in 2015. The following year, Dane ventured out, releasing his fourth project, the Lost & Loved EP on Hu¢¢i’s infamous U.K.-based imprint Veyron Arche. 

Gamma Ray is a “sonic travel journal” that was created during—and inspired by—Great Dane’s tours throughout Asia and the United Kingdom last year, and his first time presenting his music live outside of North America. “I wanted to take some time and figure out my goals in music and where I wanted to take things after my self-titled album,” he shares. “I now feel like the release Great Dane (2015) was sort of like a deep breath in between the continuous narrative of Alpha Dog, Beta Cat, Gamma Ray (and beyond). This album continues the story—and since we’ve moved from the most common house pets in the world to a stingray, you can expect things to get weird.” 

We’re told to expect 14 tracks of “innovative sound design and inspired rhythm.” 

The album took two years to finalize and find the light of day on his new imprint. 


01. Cat’s in the Bag

02. Sorry Steve

03. BRTKYS (The Reggae One)

04. Break It

05. Courteous (feat. King Henry)

06. Last Vestige of the Monoculture w/ Baron Fields

07. Fog & Fear (feat. Katya Grasso)

08. Respite

09. 3am Brixton

10. Tokyo Surfer

11. High Maintenance (interlude)

12. We Blackin Out

13. Payroll w/ Daktyl

14. Sunken Kite

Gamma Ray LP will land on July 20 via ADBC Records, with “Sorry Steve” streaming in full via the player below—or here for EU readers due to temporary GDPR restrictions.