If ever there was a list of techno veterans who have continued to push their crafts throughout the years despite whatever momentary ebbs and flows the electronic music community happened to be caught in at the time, Gregor Tresher‘s name would surely make the cut. With a host of records and remixes to his name spanning over two decades of production, Tresher seems nowhere near stopping, and has announced he will be releasing his third proper artist album this June via his own Break New Soil imprint. The Frankfurt-based DJ/producer has another impressive collection of tracks for his new LP, entitled Lights From the Inside, showcasing Tresher’s ability to incorporate a host of musical styles into his sleek, glistening productions that fall under the larger techno genre umbrella. Touted by its press release as continuing Tresher’s reputation amongst “the upper echelons of techno‚Äôs most creative,” Lights From the Inside is set to make some waves amongst the adventurous four-on-the-floor fiends when it sees its release June 6. You can peep the LP’s artwork and tracklist below.

1. Shadow Layers
2. Lights From The Inside
3. Kingdom Of Light
4. Frontline
5. Black To Zero
6. Leaving
7. If Only
8. Echelon
9. Through The Shadow Glass
10. Breaking Routines
11. As Days Go By
12. Destroy

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