Last year, the multi-talented poet/producer Antye Greie (a.k.a. AGF) and Berlin experimental-music pioneer Gudrun Gut got together to work under the banner of Greie Gut Fraktion. The fruits of that collaboration were realized with the release of the eclectic and avant-garde Baustelle, their first LP. Now they’ve enlisted the help of friends like Alva Noto, Mika Vainio, Soulphiction, Jenifer Cardini, and Wolfgang Voigt to create ReKonstruKtion, an album comprised entirely of remixes of tracks pulled from Baustelle. The album comes out August 26, but in the meantime check out the album art and tracklisting below.

1. Drilling an Ocean [Drilling Frrrmmm Remix]
2. Betongiessen [Rubberboots Mix]
3. Wir Bauen Eine Neue Stadt [Freiland Klaviermix]
4. Drilling an Ocean [Mix]
5. We Matter [Mix]
6. Make It Work [Mix] [Bass Heiko Voss]
7. Mischmaschine [Late Dub]
8. Cutting Trees [Mix]
9. Make It Work [Get It Down Mix]
10. Baustein [He’s a Man Mix]
11. Make It Work (Built It Up Interlude)
12. Wir Bauen Eine Neue Stadt [Remodel Edit]
13. Cutting Trees [Space Place Mix]
14. White Oak [Sombrero Albo Remix]
15. China Memories [Ambient Remix]