Gressive, comprised of vocalist lloydfears and avant-club producer SHALT, will release an EP on Mexico label Infinite Machine.

Having recently released a collaboration between Endgame & DÆMON, from London and Oakland respectively, and a wealth of cross-continental remixes, Infinite Machine has always championed the internet as a place that can foster unlikely musical alliances. This is more true than ever with Gressive, who met via Twitter.

The duo found common ground in a desire to create texturally rich music that’s “full of physicality,” we’re told. Both could see the potency of the human voice and its ability to create organic feedback within digital compositions, and the initial fruits of their collaborative project come with their self-titled debut, available next month.

We’re told that the EP encapsulates the “anxiety of the modern condition” and our collective attempt to “grasp at unknowable spiritual knowledge while having 24/7 headlines fed into an Instagram feed.”


01. Insufficient Funds
02. Isolation OCD
03. Sever Ties
04. Snek

Gressive LP is scheduled April 30 on Infinite Machine. Meanwhile, you can pre-order here and stream “Insufficient Funds” below.