Earlier this year, Ground Tactics returned to Midgar Sands, a Midgar Records sub-label, with his new EP, Reality Implant, and he’s now shared a video single.

Over the last half-decade, Ground Tactics, real name Colin Tobelem, has been on a sound-focused journey, developing his craft from music producer and sound designer to tuning fork practitioner and sound healer, most recently delivering sound treatments in Berlin. His work, while focused on sound, also looks to inspire more worldly values in life, “of seeking deeper meaning and knowledge of one’s self, to serve in the process of humanity’s transcendence,” he explains. He released Immaterial Breath on Midgar in 2018.

Reality Implant continues this trajectory, bringing together the various facets of his work for a collection of tracks that act as a respite for a world uniting in self-reflection. According to the label, it “symbolizes the start of a techno-prophecy: introducing the coming of a new era in which multiple realities and timelines merge together.”

The EP landed back at the end of May, and it’s now followed by a video single for “Sublimation,” created by Michael Tan (a.k.a. CARRIER).


A1. Heat Wave
A2. Violet Fire
A3. Reality Implant 2020
B1. Sublimation
B2. La Belle FĂȘte
B3. Cnnctng Vssls (7Wndw Vrsn)

You can pick up the EP here, and stream the release and the video below.