Early next month, Dark Entries Records will release Wilderness, the third full-length from Mara Barenbaum (a.k.a. Group Rhoda).

Group Rhoda is the solo electronic project for the Oakland-based Barenbaum, who also operates as one-half of Dark Entries duo Max Mara. Group Rhoda launched around 2009 with the debut album, Out of Time, Out of Touch, followed by 2013’s 12th House, released by Night School and Not Not Fun, respectively.

Barenbaum’s latest LP continues her focus on live synth and drum-machine performance with seven dynamic cuts that touch on darkwave, industrial, post-punk, and more house-driven pastures—a sound Dark Entries and the greater Bay Area has made their own.

You can pre-order Wilderness now via Dark Entries, with album cut “Mexi Meri” streaming in full via the player below.