Not every band can write a song that’s a single, elongated guitar chord and then be hailed by the press as creators of gorgeous, conceptual indie-rock. Growing–the Brooklyn-based duo of Kevin Doria and Joe Denardo–have somehow managed to achieve this, and since joining The Social Registry‘s roster a little less than a year ago, the duo has continued its fascination with that gray area between free-form noise and instrumental rock.

More of this is set to come, when the duo releases its All the Way full-length for The Social Registry on September 9. Clocking in at just six tracks (all of which will be longer than your average four minutes, we imagine), this new album is shaping up to be another landscape of droning static, erratic drum machines, and humming guitar chords all arranged in a complex manner intended for those who know the virtue of patience. And we have to tip our hats off to any serious-minded band that still has enough sense of humor to name a track “Innit.”

1. Green Flag
2. Wrong Ride
3. Rave Pie Only
4. Innit
5. Lens Around
6. Reconstruction