Photo: Sandra Blow

Up next on Mexico City’s Hole Records is the debut album of cellist Mabe Fratti, titled Pies Sobre La Tierra, meaning “Feet on the ground.” 

Mabe Fratti is a composer born in Guatemala City. Her sound explorations have a wide range of approaches and styles, all founded on a curiosity to learn more ways to apply the artistic power of sound and to tell stories. She creates delicate and deeply intimate soundscapes using synthesiser, vocals, and cello. 

Pies Sobre La Tierra is her debut album, and follows her EP debut, Aprendiendo a Hablar (meaning “Learning to Speak”), released in August of last year. The album title refers to mental space as a place of relative freedom, and “how this interacts with the tangible,” the label explains.

Hole Records is an independent cassette music label and concert promoter based in Mexico City. 

Artwork is by Kevin Frank.


01. El Sol Sigue Ahí (El Sol Brilló—No Tenía Alternativa) 

02. Entrando Al Cuarto De La Duda + Mito del Desierto

03. Creo Que Puedo Hacer Algo

04. Ignora

05. Todo Lo Que Querías Saber 

06. Pronto Su Cuerpo Estaría Silencioso: Pronto Sería Libre

07. Dirección + Concepción Huerta

08. El Trabajo Será Nuestro Final—”Her Quantum of Wantum Cannot Vary” 

Pies Sobre La Tierra LP is out today, with “Todo Lo Que Querías Saber” streaming in full below, alongside a live session video.