Mabe Fratti has shared Se Parece A, her new EP, on experimental label Unheard of Hope.

Since the release of her debut album, Pies Sobre la Tierra, meaning “Feet On The Ground,” Fratti, a Mexico city-based Guatemalan cellist, has been non-stop writing and recording. She released Aire, a new single, last month, which opens the EP.

Birthed from a small loop of harmonics, Aire was composed in 2016, in a friend’s apartment in Monterrey, México not long after Fratti had moved there from Guatemala. Fratti has been playing live for years, but she never recorded it until now.

Reconciling Fratti’s steps throughout her musical past, the release features pop and experimentation that reflects on her time working amongst the improv scene in Mexico City. It features Gibrana Cervantes on violin. “When I wrote the lyrics, I thought of someone feeling they have a ghost inside them,” Fratti tells XLR8R.

You can read more about Fratti in her XLR8R Bubblin’ Up interview here.


01. Alguien Detrás De Mi
02. Desde El Amor También Podemos Despedirnos / El Sol Sigue Ahí (feat. Gibrana Cervantes
03. Aire (feat. Gibrana Cervantes)

Se Parece A EP is available digitally now. You can stream it in full below, and order here.