It’s hardly possible to discuss the last 20 years of experimental and underground music in Berlin without mentioning Gudrun Gut, whose solo full-length, I Put a Record On (Monika), has finally arrived and reflects her long artistic process.

Gut was a founding member of noise progenitor group Einstürzende Neubauten only shortly before starting art-rock classic Malaria!. Other notable involvements include founding the Monika Enterprise and Moabit Musik labels, and collaborating with Thomas Fehlmann on Ocean Club Radio. It was on this radio show that a change in her tastes–increasingly bent towards techno–became evident to Stateside listeners.

The latest product of all her experience, I Put a Record On, has been touted as a minimal techno release, which is a gross over-simplification. The listener will also discover her refined sense for both popular music and instrumental experimentation. In the end, Gut produces a culmination of everything her history would suggest and more.

I Put a Record On is out April 17, 2007 on Monika.

1. Move Me
2. Rock Bottom Riser (feat. Uta Heller & Matt Elliott)
3. The Land
4. Cry Easy
5. Girlboogie ‘06
6. Blatterwald
7. Last Night
8. Sweet
9. Pleasuretrain
10. The Wheel (feat. Manon & P. Duursma)
11. Tip Tip (feat. Manon & P. Duursma)