With Miami’s Winter Music Conference just around the corner, Gui Boratto and Martin Eyerer team up for their first collaboration as producers and try to breathe a little warmth back into techno. “The Island,” out February 18 on Audiomatique, finds Brazil-based Boratto and Stuttgart, Germany’s Eyerer combining their talents for a track of choppy, stabbing beats and cleverly constructed synth hooks. It doesn’t necessarily call to mind images of sand, sun, and surf, but we’re assuming it could work for an impromptu oceanside party. On the single’s b-side, a softer, more melancholy mood reigns on “The Beach.”

A1. The Island
A2. The Beach

Gui Boratto Tour Dates
02/07 Goiania, Brazil: Club Sedna
02/09 Campinas, Brazil: Kraft
02/15 Singapore, Singapore: Zouk
02/16 Tokyo, Japan: Colors Studio
02/22 Brisbane, Australia: Bar Soma
02/23 Sydney, Australia: Chinese Laundry
02/24 Gold Coast, Australia, Venue TBA
02/29 Melbourne, Australia: Brown Alley
03/07 Sao Paulo, Brazil: Clash
03/09 Goiania, Brazil: XZone
04/05 Maringá, Brazil: Velvet
04/24 Oporto, Portugal: Industria
04/25 Aix-En-Provence, France: Studio 88
04/26 Innsbruck, Austria: Hafen
04/29 Amsterdam, Netherlands: Queensday
04/30 Valencia, Spain: Barraca
05/01 Lisbon, Portugal: Lux
05/04 Dublin, Ireland: Spy
05/08 Lyon, France: Nuits
05/09 Madrid, Spain: Low Club
05/10 Barcelona, Spain: Nitsa

Martin Eyerer Tour Dates
02/08 Tübingen, Germany: Blauer Turm
02/09 Osnabrück,Germany: House in the Sky
02/14 Cancun, Mexico: Venue TBA
02/15 Monterey, Mexico: Venue TBA
02/22 Stuttgart, Germany: Climax Institutes
02/23 Betzdorf: Germany: Help Club
03/06 Sao Paulo, Brazil: D-Edge
03/14 Stuttgart, Germany: Climax Institutes
03/15 Mainz, Germany: 50 Grad
03/21 Antwerp, Belgium: Café d’Anvers
03/22 Stuttgart, Germany: Rocker 33
03/23 Madrid, Spain: Mimetica Morphing Club
03/29 Rome, Italy: Qube
04/05 London, U.K.: Sosho
04/11 Sofia, Bulgaria: Escape Club
04/12 Cologne, Germany: Blumengold
04/18 Stuttgart, Germany: Climax Institutes
04/19 Frankfurt, Germany: Monza

Image of Gui Boratto (left) by Nino.