Since 2007, Montreal’s Guillaume Coutu Dumont has risen through the ranks of house to become one of the most acclaimed producers working today. With an aesthetic that combines electronic dance music with jazzy, live instrumentation, the man’s latest record takes this sonic palette to new heights. Breaking the Fourth Wall not only features the requisite synths and drum machines, but live saxophones, Rhodes and Hammond organs, and soulful vocals. Indeed, the album features collaborations with dOP, Dave Aju, and Dynamike, along with Guillaume’s longtime live band. Fitting perfectly with the eclecticism of the Circus Company crew, Breaking the Fourth Wall will only cement Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts’ place in the worlds of house, jazz, and everything in between.

Breaking the Fourth Wall drops May 3 on Circus Company.


1. Mindtrap
2. Can‘t Have Everything feat. dOP
3. 32 Tonnes de Pigeons
4. On The Lips feat. Dave Aju
5. Intermede
6. Discoteque
7. Unwelcome
8. Helicoptere
9. Walking The Pattern
10. Radio Novela feat. Dynamike
11. Decennie