Gerik Raglin, better known as Gzus Piece, will release a solo album next month.

SoxNDrawz, available September 24, is a 33-minute display of “how hip-hop music is supposed to sound,” the Chicago artist explains. It’s largely produced by SC and it features DJ Spinn and Doc the Mindbenda.

Raglin, who learnt to rap before he could read, is known for dropping Stackin n Mackin, a series of mixtapes as White Gzus alongside Blanco Caine. Between 2012 and 2014, he appeared on two albums, TreaTed and Treated Tribe, as part of Treated Crew. His previous release as Gzus Piece came with Fuck Y’all, The EP, which features Chance the Rapper on the intro. Before that, he put out Expensive Shit in 2010.


01. Taladega
02. SoxNDrawz
03. The Chaos
04. See it in Yo Eyes fy bodi deeder and a-way
05. Live from the Villa
06. Hitman Theme
07. Shoutout to O.J. Simpson
08. Crunch Time
09. Wyo
10. Hot Tub Time Machine (produced by DJ Spinn)
11. Bellinis
12. Silly Textures feat. Suliaiman (produced by Doc Da Mindbenda)
13. In Search Of…
14. Luv 4 U

SoxNDrawz LP will land digitally on September 24. Meanwhile, you can stream the album in full below. Editor’s Note: pre-order links will be added when they’re made available.