New Yorks’s Halcyon has today relaunched its E-Commerce site, revamped its distribution arm, and expanded its services in-store to include record maintenance services and one-on-one DJ lessons.

Halcyon has been Brooklyn’s hub for music since 1999. As one of New York’s long-standing vinyl shops, it is known as the central hub of the city’s underground music scene, selling a large selection of music including world, soul, rock, and hip-hop among other genres as well. Halcyon offers various LP-related services as well, from LP flattening and cleaning to one-on-one DJ lessons.

Aside from a makeover, Halcyon’s new E-Commerce site features a new player with adjustable volume and pitch so users get to sample music before buying it. The site also employs a hyper-targeted search function that allows users to search within genres and subgenres for the sounds that they crave while also discovering new music they would enjoy.

The record maintenance service includes professional record flattening and cleaning services. Halcyon charges a flat fee of $9.99 per record to flatten and professionally clean a record. The store also offers turntable repair, with pricing on a case-by-case basis.

Also among Halcyon’s latest offering are one-on-one DJ lessons that take place at Halcyon the shop with veteran staff DJs. The price for a one-hour DJ lesson is $50 where aspiring DJs learn the basics about turntables, mixers, vinyls, and other skills such as beat matching.

In recent months, Halcyon has also revamped its distribution arm to service record shops around the globe.