Following the unexpected and unannounced closure of its Dumbo location, NYC institution Halcyon has announced a new concept store, Stellar Records Armory and Strategic Sound Center, to open August 1 at 395 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, NY.

Based on Carl Sagan’s famed Voyager Golden Record—a collection of tracks selected to portray the diversity of life and culture on Earth and sent into space on the Voyager II space probe—the Stellar Records Armory and Strategic Sound Center will be celebrated with an all day in-store party on Saturday August 1, featuring a host of Halcyon friends and family, plus special surprise guests and instore only discounts. The new store will also kick off halcyon’s “Close Encounters,” a new weekly DJ session on Wednesday evenings featuring the top local Brooklyn DJs and spotlights on labels distributed by Halcyon.

Check out the updated halcyon website here, with the official statement from halcyon below.

1977: The 100th Anniversary of the Phonograph. NASA Astrophysicist Carl Sagan presses a singular copy of humankind’s greatest hits onto a solid gold record, shooting it deep into space aboard the Voyager II probe.

Etched onto the LP’s surface was a galactic map revealing Earth’s location in the cosmos; a fateful invitation. Sagan proclaimed that the odds of the golden record actually being discovered are infinitesimal, but one day a beat-thirsty master race of intergalactic crate diggers may yet descend on Earth…

One force stands ready to defend the planet. Its mission: arm Earth’s DJs with stellar records at any cost.

halcyon… for humanity!

DJs – don’t be caught unarmed! Visit the new halcyon Stellar Records Armory and Strategic Audio Center opening Saturday Aug 1 at 395 Wythe Avenue next to TBA, or learn more about how you can defend the planet at