Meg Duffy, the singer-songwriter and versatile guitarist who records as Hand Habits, has teamed up with producer Joel Ford for a new project called yes/and. They’ll released a debut self-titled album via Ford’s Driftless Recordings.

The duo began working together in the midst of the pandemic, fusing Duffy’s skilled guitar playing with Ford’s producing and sound design skills into 10 hypnotic tracks. As the moniker alludes to, yes/and embraces an elusive, curious forward momentum, spiraling but subdued.

Despite the album’s experimental nature, it feels distinctly intimate and emotive, imbued with a strange optimism, both open-ended and opaque. The song titles reflect a similar duality, alternately blunt and oblique (“Learning About Who You Are,” “In My Heaven All Faucets Are Fountains”).


01. Craggy
02. Ugly Orange
03. More Than Love
04. Learning About Who You Are
05. Centered Shell
06. Tumble
07. Melt Away
08. Making a Monument
09. Emotion Scroll
10. In My Heaven All Faucets Are Fountains

yes​/​and LP is scheduled for July 23 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Ugly Orange” and “Centered Shell” in full below.