Acid techno pioneers Ramon Zenker and Oliver Bondzio (collectively known as Hardfloor) have been pumping out swirling techno jams since first producing tracks together back in 1991. Now the two have reached the 20-year mark of their collaboration, and are set to release a massive, three-disc compilation collecting 31 tracks from the duo’s prolific past, along with two unreleased tunes, “Eternal Tweak” and “T.D.O.H. (Two Decades of Hardfloor),” for 20 – Two Decades of Hardfloor. Perhaps best known for their Hardtrance Acperience EP, released in 1992 by the then up-and-coming Harthouse label, Hardfloor has made a name for itself with now-classic, dancefloor-ready techno, usually characterized by the constant twisting and turning of 303s and a heavy, consistent four-on-the-floor drum beat. You can check a stream of the opening track from the Hardtrance Acperience EP following the artwork and tracklist below. 20 – Two Decades of Hardfloor is set to be released June 13 via the pair’s own Hardfloor imprint.

CD 1:
01 Trancescript
02 Murano
03 So What!?
04 Strikeout
05 Skill Shot
06 Groupie Love
07 The Trill Acid Theme
08 Alphabetical
09 Fish & Chips
10 Who Spends Money On Candygirls & Chocolate
11 Dog In The Manger
CD 2:
01 Reverberate Opinion
02 Melorec
03 T 2 Da C (Tribute)
04 Da Revival
05 ….Me too
06 Into The Nature
07 Dubdope
08 Extra Ball
09 Acperience 1
10 Cube ²
11 Eternal Tweak (Previously unreleased)
CD 3:
01 Soulful Spirit
02 Itz Not Over
03 Hardfloor Will Survive featuring Phuture 303 (Club Mix)
04 Lost In The Silverbox
05 Devils & Donuts
06 Frozen Spotlight
07 Tugger
08 Mahogany Roots
09 Confuss
10 T.D.O.H. (Previously unreleased)
11 Industrial Raze