Back in 2008, Hardhouse Banton was the toast of the UK scene. His track “Sirens” was an anthem in the burgeoning UK funky scene, and the London producer seemed poised to seize a position as one of its leaders. For whatever reason, that never really happened, as his releases slowed to a trickle and Hardhouse Banton gradually became one of those artists people referred to in the context of “whatever happened to that guy?” Apparently, that attitude was a bit premature, as Hardhouse Banton will soon be returning to the fold with a brand-new EP. Scheduled to drop in July, the three-track Re-Invented EP (artwork above) will be coming out via the Funk Butcher-helmed Houseology imprint. If the clips included in the streaming player below are any indication, it seems that Hard House Banton has drifted away from funky rhythms and now appears to be making what might be called ‘proper’ house music. Listen for yourself, and also take a look at the EP’s tracklist, which can also be found below.

1. Brooklyn
2. Love U Girl
3. Sweet Sophia