Known for applying house/techno mechanisms to his prepared piano pieces, German pianist and composer Hauschka has announced that a follow up to last year’s Salon Des Amateurs—a record which spawned a two-part remix series—will be released next year. The artist born Volker Bertelmann’s forthcoming Abandoned City LP is said to explore the idea of (as the title suggests) cityscapes left behind in ruins. Experimental techniques such as placing “wooden sticks between the [piano] strings to create drum sounds” and using six microphones to record and filter the piano are said to be employed throughout the record in order to stretch the limits and timbres of its central instrument. Abandon City will see a release through Brooklyn imprint Temporary Residence on March 18, 2014, but before then, the album’s tracklist and a stream of “Elizabeth Bay,” a reinvention of Wagner’s Flying Dutchman from Hauschka’s upcoming LP, can be found below. (via Resident Advisor)

01 Elizabeth Bay
02 Pripyat
03 Thames Town
04 Who Lived Here?
05 Agdam
06 Sanzhi Pod City
07 Craco
08 Bakersville
09 Stromness