Prepared piano composer/producer Hauschka has signed to Sony Classical for his latest album, A Different Forest, out on February 8.

The album see the Oscar-nominated composer and pianist, real name Volker Bertelmann, do away with his customary instrumental preparations to return to the pure piano. This is reflected in the first album singles “Curious” and “Dew and Spiderwebs,” both of which herald the central themes of the album: the experience of nature as the basis for Hauschka’s understanding of life and the composition of music. 

The album is also said to be a plea for us to protect and preserve our natural world. 

Hauschka has worked on numerous projects throughout the last decade, most notably in the fields of theatre, dance, and classical ensemble works. In recent years, he has also built a prolific career writing scores for films, coming to international prominence in this field through his soundtrack for the hit film “Lion” in 2016. His other recent soundtrack work includes the films “Hotel Mumbai,””Adrift,” and “In Dubious Battle.”

In A Different Forest, I’m focusing on the forest as a natural environment and contrast to the urban everyday life; to my surroundings. Where do I want to live and work? What surroundings do I need in order to feel fulfilled? By examining these questions I always come back to nature.” —Volker Bertelmann 



02.Dew and Spiderwebs

03.Talking to my father

04.Urban Forest

05.Hands in the Anthill



08.Bark and Moss

09.Skating through the woods

10.Daybreak over Covent Garden

11.Everyone sleeps


13.Another Hike

A Different Forest LP lands February 8, with “Curious” and “Dew and Spiderwebs” streaming below.