Robi Insinna is well known for remixing the likes of Franz Ferdinand, Mylo, Scissor Sisters, and others, as well as his regular spot as the official Soulwax Tour DJ. Now we see another side of Insinna as he releases his latest Headman album. Featuring a special blend of disco, 70’s rock, and 90’s house, the album also includes vocals from the lead singers of The Rapture, Radio 4, and The Books.

On is out October 31, 2006 on Gomma


1. Suspect!
2. Roh
3. On And On
4. So Now!
5. Do U Feel
6. Moisture
7. Freedom Drums
8. Balearica
9. Upstart
10. So Disgraceful
11. Rong Hands
12. Everybody