Next on Holding Hands is a new release from Adam Pits, titled Stagga.

Pits’ first release on Holding Hands, last year’s Socket Power / Balance Beam, was a special one for the label. “It really felt like the first time that we had a release that was properly doing the rounds,” label head Desert Sound Colony explains. “All the big dogs and cats were playing the living shit out of it, and dancefloors around the world were slamming’ and a jammin’ to the sound of Holding Hands.”

Since then, Pits has put out releases on Wex and Seven Hills, as himself and also in the duo Space Cadets with Lisene. He now returns with Stagga, a three-track EP featuring two originals and a remix. “It was a tough call to decide the A side but in the end I opted for ‘Stagga,’ a bona fide steam roller of a tune,” Desert Sound Colony explains.

On B1, we have “Pest Control,” which “has been hitting the club so hard when I’ve been playing it that on two separate occasions I’ve had people come up and literally force me to wheel the damn thing,” Desert Sound Colony adds. “Something about that woooom wooooom bass that just makes you feel all coocoo crazy pants inside.” The EP finishes with a remix by OCB.

In support of the release, out now, we’re streaming “Pest Control” exclusively in full below.


A1. Stagga
B1. Pest Control
B2. Stagga (OCB Remix)