Today, Roger Goula released his latest EP, Something About Silence, via new imprint Cognitive Shift.

The EP is somewhat of a primer for his forthcoming LP, Overview Effect, which is due out in November. Featuring four tracks—the title track, “Awe,” and two remixes from Phaeleh and Christian LöfflerSomething About Silence is a perfect introduction to rising talent in the neo-classical realm.

The title for his forthcoming LP comes from a term used to describe the cognitive shift in awareness reported by some astronauts and cosmonauts during spaceflight, often while viewing the Earth from orbit. The EP also shares this theme, as Goula explains:

“”Awe” represents that unique and overwhelming feeling that comes from looking into the unknown, into the physical and psychological universes still to explore. It is about a desire to explore beyond our understanding. Meanwhile, “Something About Silence” tells the story of the return to earth with a completely new perspective on life. Silence is the only companion of this intimate journey back. It’s a quiet inner reflexion on what we have become.”

With the release out today, Goula has offered up a full stream of “Something About Silence,” which you can hear via the player above.