Fresh from releasing the LignesEP on Finale Sessions back in September, Gauss Ltd co-founder and Los Angeles-based producer Natan H has announced today that he will be the second artist to put out a full EP on the newly-formed Amsterdam label Taped Artifact. The new record, Erklingenwill feature four original tracks and is scheduled for a vinyl release on November 20. With a vision in mind for the sonic direction of Taped Artifact, label co-founder Kevin Arnemann set the stage for the imprint in April of this year with the label’s inaugural EP, Lumière. Shortly before that release, Natan agreed to submit some of his tracks, a few of which he thought would work well together. Not surprisingly, Arnemann quickly asked Natan to put those tracks aside for a release in November. Fast forward to today, and the Erklingen EP has already received early praise from the likes of Slam, DVS1, and Eric Cloutier.

Discover more about Natan H and his Gauss Ltd label by clicking here, and you can check out Taped Artifact’s Bandcamp page here.