SFIRE is a duo consisting of beloved Detriot based DJ and Ghostly International collaborator Jeffrey Sfire and a “friend from London,” whose name cannot be mentioned due to the fact that this release is currently “conflicting with this producer’s other commitments.” Regardless of the mystery surrounding the second half of SFIRE, its latest release, SFIRE 6/7, features two searing and determined tracks that give off a “Drexciya meets Pet Shop Boys” vibe.

The dazzling artwork for this release was done by Irish artist Jennifer Mehigan. Originally meeting Jimmy Edgar in Singapore where she was creating 3D Crystal Sweatshirts, Mehigan has since gone on to collaborate with ULTRAMAJIC and has crafted a cool and colorful aesthetic for SFIRE 6/7. You can buy your copy of the release by going to Beatport, or heading here.

Stream the tracks below and be sure to check out more from SFIRE by going here